Oilfield Services Company

How the world’s largest oilfield services company used Search Quest’s services to recruit 50 professionals in 90 days time frame at Pune

Client Overview

The world’s largest oilfield services company. It employs approximately 100,000 people representing more than 140 nationalities working in more than 85 countries. It has four principal executive offices located in Paris, Houston, London, and The Hague; has set up Technology Centre at Pune 3 years back.

Client Requirement

  1. To undertake market study on SAP technology skill in various modules in Pune/ All India
  2. To recruit 50 professionals in 90 days time frame at Pune


SAP technology skills were easily found in Pune as a location except for leadership roles where sourcing was required from SAP Bangalore hence no major challenges were faced.

Our Solution

Commitment to recruit 50 SAP technology professionals by setting up a dedicated team with daily tracking of CVs and interviews, 4 weeks recruitment events planning.

Business Outcomes

Onboarding 50 SAP technology professionals wef 4th month considering 60-90 days Notice period post offering of the candidate.

  • Best sourcing TAT (turn-around-time) across levels: 24 hours to 48 hours
  • Offer: Joining ratio ? 100%
  • Candidate engagement via “Meet & Greet” session
  • Compensation benchmarking inputs from the industry
  • Candidate retention strategy inputs