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We have served 50+ Banking & Finance Clients globally

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  • BFSI Case Study

A New York based American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company used our services to recruit 780 professionals in 24 months time in Mumbai.


Our uniquely crafted sourcing methodology

In this stage, we evaluate the position(s) that need to be filled in, understand the client organization, its business model, people policies and hiring procedures.

  • Going beyond the mere job description, we consider the key result areas (KRA), how they fit in with the company’s growth plans, reporting structure, compensation package, career implications and other benefits.
  • As part of de-briefing, we send a comprehensive note to the client detailing our understanding of the position. This forms an integral part of our customer-focused recruitment approach.
Industry-specific search in an attempt to identify key competencies, principal job responsibilities, compensation package, current reporting relationships, job location and other vital information.

  • We tap into our vast network & database to develop an initial candidate list.
  • Establish contact with the shortlisted candidates after a detailed screening of CVs.
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the profile match.
  • Send the final shortlisted CVs to the client with our recommendations while highlighting any aberrations, strengths & concern areas.
  • Provide extensive reference before an offer is extended & conduct detailed background verification if required.
We provide full support to the client right from arranging interviews to the closure stage involving the negotiation process, compensation and benefits.

  • With first-time clients, we procure clear & critical feedback on the first set of shortlisted CVs from the HR department to understand the position and requirements in detail.
  • Select candidates who best fit into the work-culture of the client organization.
  • Send biweekly/weekly reports to the clients using our MIS which is at the crux of our business processes. This helps us keep track of the assignments and obtain quicker feedback.
A candidate joining for a specified job is as critical to us, as he/she is for the client.

  • We have a systematic follow-ups procedure in place that includes sending emails & periodic phone conversations which helps us to stay in touch with the candidates even after the offer.
  • We believe the key to a successful joining lies in proper assessment of the candidate.
  • To that end, we maintain a best practices document that is available with each consultant and which lists out the finer points and subtleties in candidate assessment. This helps us avoid last-minute joining glitches.

Our 20+ BFSI Sourcing team is expert in
providing following services to BFSI Clients

Customised end-to-end
recruitment solutions
Recruitment Consulting
Market Intelligence
Turnkey projects
Recruitment Process

Top 5 Reasons to choose us

  • Extensive experience in search & selection across top recruitment companies in India has enabled our core team to develop best practices across practice groups and recruitment processes.
  • Our best practices are ingrained & instilled in every member of the team, irrespective of level, experience or competency ensuring best-in-class turnaround and delivery.
  • Clients depend upon Search Quest’s recruitment experience whereby they get quality resumes, best hit and fill rates.
  • Clients trust our team’s vast experience & knowledge to optimize cost and get the best recruitment solutions.
  • Based upon the client’s needs, Search Quest team customizes recruitment solutions to deliver the required numbers within the stipulated time frame.
  • Our team aligns their focus on an as-required basis to fulfill customer’s need.
  • Search Quest team has deep routed domain expertise in chosen industries (Technology, KPOs, Financial Services, HR Consulting & Turnkey projects).
  • Our team is able to display the value addition to the customers, due to the immense knowledge of various domains they possess.
  • Search Quest works as external business partners with all its clients to deliver best-in-class recruitment solutions.
  • Our team handholds clients & candidates as true partners at every step of the way to make it a win-win situation for both.

Our Clients vouch for our competencies, efficiencies & excellent turnaround time

Our Clients vouch for our competencies, efficiencies & excellent turnaround time

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